12th ASPGI Turf Management Seminar

12th ASPGI Turf Management Seminar
Tue. 12th & Wed. 13th July
Gunung Geulis Golf & Country Club, Indonesia

In support of the annual programme organised by the Asosiasi Superintendent Padang Golf Indonesia, AGIF is proud to present the 12th ASPGI Turf Management Seminar.
The turf management seminar is an important event on the ASPGI’s fixture. The annual meeting allows their members who are working on different courses all over the country to come together to participate in learning to be better managers. Said Rukadi, President of ASPGI, “As superintendents, we must understand how a problem arises and how to solve that problem so that we can have better handle on the course that we are working on. This seminar is a wonderful platform where our members can learn from the experts in an interactive environment.”
A team of 6 AGIF members has been scheduled to impart their knowledge on the following topics:-

  • environmental management
  • maintenance of course equipment and irrigation system
  • new technology of golf equipment
  • nutritional application
  • turf varieties

The 2-day seminar is put together by the Education sub-committee’s Peter Morison and Steve Wilson. Peter is very happy with the team effort put in to organise this event and said,”Working with the industry to promote and train our people in industry’s best practices – is one of AGIF’s main objectives. While many of the members are competitors in different areas, we all have the common goal of growing golf and raising the standard in each of our individual areas of expertise. We need to lift our customers skill levels to the highest possible so they produce the best product for their customers, the golfers. Working as we are with the Indonesian ASPGI who are so professional and well organised, we can maximise this opportunity for the benefit of all involved with golf.”

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