Indigrow’s Magnum CO Reducing Electrical Conductivity

Dubai: The condition of a cricket square is vital to ensure an even game. This importance is increased when international cricketers are due to play on the surface.

A product that is manufactured by Indigrow Ltd, Magnum CO is a blend of ingredients designed to tackle the problems associated with localised dry spots and dry patch. Magnum CO contains an organic acid designed to clean the sand particle and flush unwanted waxes, hydrocarbons, bicarbonate salts and minerals through the soil profile.

Magnum CO was applied to the wicket block of the cricket stadium at Dubai Sports City. Before the first application was made, a POGO reading was taken of 1863 ppm (2.87ds/m).

Nine days after the first POGO reading was taken, Magnum CO was sprayed at 20 lt/ha, and subsequently was watered in with 15 mm of irrigation over the two following days.

Eight days post application, a second POGO reading was taken giving a reading of 1165 ppm (1.82ds/m). This second reading showed evidence of a significant reduction in Electric Conductivity, precisely what the Head Curator, Toby Lumsden, was looking for.

Lumsden said he was pleased with the ‘great result’ and that the grass looks ‘much more alive and healthier’ as a result of just one application.

A further application of Magnum CO was applied at 20lt/ha, 21 days after the first application and 11 days post the second POGO reading.

A week after the second application (and 18 days after the second POGO reading), a third POGO reading was taken of 1011 ppm. This drop from 1863 to 1011 ppm in just two applications over the course of four weeks shows a significant reduction in Electric Conductivity and is helping Lumsden and his team to produce an excellent surface before the international fixtures take place there later this year.

“The case study results from Dubai are encouraging, not just for curators of cricket grounds around the world, but also for all those who are responsible for the conditioning of golf courses,” said Brian Croose, Asean Regional Manager for Indigrow, a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

“We have also found spectacular results using Magnum CO on greens that also have a high electrical conductivity. This procedure would be similar to what was undertaken on the cricket square.”

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