Associate Business Members

Laguna Lang Co, Vietnam

Araya Singhsuwan
Operations Manager for Asia

James Shippey
Managing Director

Jim Hwang
Chief Executive Officer

David Townend
Founder and Managing Director

Hugo Aniksztejn
International Sales Specialist

Cullen B. Owens
Chief Business Officer & Co-founder

Martin Sternberg
Chief Executive Officer

Ronald Carlyle

Mark W. Adams
Executive Director

Owen Hester
Managing Director

Andrew Harvey Johnston
Owner / President

Nunzio DiChristopher

Tim Orgill

Gavan Wilson

Steven Pope
International Sales Manager

Neil Haworth
Partner / Golf Course Architect

Paul Reeves

Renato Domini
Chief Executive Officer

Ross Perrett
Managing Director

Zenta Thomas
Managing Partner

Jalmari Talola
Chief Executive Officer

Chris Wootten
Founder and CEO

Terry Plemons
Director of Worldwide Sales

Associate Business Member

Annual subscription fee of USD$1,250