Success with Suståne at Watford FC

Watford Football Club’s Vicarage Road stadium.

Watford, Hertfordshire, England: Three formulations of Suståne Natural Fertilizer have been credited with their role in the on-going success of the maintenance operation at Watford Football Club.

Forming the base of the nutritional programme at both the Vicarage Road stadium and the club’s London Colney training ground, a combination of Bolster Granular 4-4-4+3Fe, 1-1-1 Soil ReGen and Suståne 4-6-4 have delivered consistent results to the satisfaction of the club and grounds team at the English Championship team.

As one of the world’s most widely-researched organic ranges, Suståne’s tried and tested portfolio for winter sports plays an important role for grow-ins and renovations – providing long-lasting soil builders and sources of plant nutrition that specifically encourage rapid root development, superior growth and on-going plant protection.

It’s here that Watford Grounds Manager Scott Tingley has cited the successes of Suståne, with both the Bolster Granular 4-4-4 + Iron and Soil ReGen playing an important part in post-renovation recovery.

“We’ve been using Suståne products at both of our sites for the last seven seasons. Bolster Granular 4-4-4+3Fe is applied primarily at renovation time, due to the addition of Mycorrhizae,” said Tingley.

Derived from biologically stable ingredients and containing both water soluble and slow-release sources of nitrogen, Bolster Granular provides a formulation of organic nutrients, beneficial micro-biology, plant bio-stimulants and a powerful blend of mycorrhizae to promote greater root access to soil nutrients and water.

The addition of 3% chelated iron enhances colour and rapid root development, while seaweed extract, humic acid and compost-based micro-organisms deliver plant health and strength for all turf grass situations.

Alongside Bolster Granular 4-4-4+3Fe, Tingley applies Suståne’s Soil ReGen following full or partial renovations – a soil conditioner that reduces compaction, increases water and air infiltration rates while also improving the nutrient and water holding capacity.

He said: “This helps us to incorporate lots of valuable nutrients such as Zeolite, Biochar, Mycorrhizae and Humates at a critical time, when the plant is wanting to root and develop.

“Throughout the playing season, we switch to Suståne 4-6-4 organic slow release, to replenish our sand dominant constructions with a rich supply of humus and other essential nutrients. We’ve found this to contribute to increased rooting and a strong, healthy plant more resilient to disease and turf pathogens.”

The results at both sites speak for themselves – seeing the Watford team regularly recognised for outstanding pitch quality. Tingley said: “We put a large part of our success as a grounds team down to the benefit of using Suståne products.”

*Suståne Natural Fertilizer is a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

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