Centaur Showcases Robotics’ Capabilities

Hong Kong SAR, China: Centaur Asia Pacific has showcased the capabilities of the ECHO Robotics mower and ball-picker through a series of demonstrations and installations on a variety of terrains across the region.

The partnership between Centaur and ECHO Robotics started in 2021 as a stride towards promoting eco-friendly practices and carbon neutrality within the turf management industry.

ECHO Robotics is renowned for its autonomous whisper-quiet operation, and 100% emission-free performance.

The successful demonstrations and new installations of the ECHO Robotics mower and ECHO Robotics Ball Picker in Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong garnered substantial attention and interest in the adoption of advanced robotics in sports and turf maintenance.

The ECHO Robotics Mowers feature floating heads and stainless-steel blades, capable of handling even the most uneven terrains.

Meanwhile, the ECHO Ball Picker is capable of collecting 300 golf balls in one run and then returns automatically to the ball collection pit to drop the balls.

At the core of ECHO Robotics Mowers and Ball-Pickers lies the very essence of their precision and efficiency: Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) technology, an advanced satellite navigation technique that’s the driving force behind the products’ ability to navigate with such accuracy.

“The ECHO Robotics has become a game-changer in the industry, underscoring that sustainability and efficiency can co-exist,” said Jeffrey Eshuis, Managing Director for Centaur Asia Pacific, Hong Kong, a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

“As Centaur continues to expand the use of this innovative technology and promote environmentally friendly practices, it’s evident that the future of turf maintenance is leaning towards eco-conscious solutions,” he added.

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