Indigrow’s Show of Force at BTME

Indigrow is among the exhibitors at this month’s BTME.

Harrogate, Yorkshire, England: For the first time since 2020, the British Turf Management Exhibition (BTME) is returning to its traditional dates with the expectation that this month’s gathering will be the biggest for many years.

From January 24-26, Indigrow will exhibit at BTME 2023 (Stand 232), promoting its OneShot range of products – unique concentrated sachets that offer a wide range of benefits to the modern turf manager.

“The concentrated nature of these products ensures that these exceptionally environmentally-friendly products offer a significant reduction in packaging waste and transport costs,” said Brian Croose, Asean Regional Manager with Indigrow, a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

“In turn, they offer the turf manager a very low cost and effective method of adding penetrant wetting agent, bio-stimulants, macro or micro nutrients and other additives to any spray tank mix,” added Croose who will be present at BTME, along with his Indigrow colleagues from around the world.

Due to the concentrated nature of the OneShot products, they are supplied in small sachets.

Croose said: “The concentrated products offer significant weight savings over their traditional liquid equivalents. These smaller sachets offer huge environmental benefits in haulage, reducing haulage weight and, therefore, emissions and cost savings.

“The OneShot products also offer cost savings after they have been used. The sachets are much easier to dispose of than conventional drums and barrels, offering the turf manager additional savings on disposal costs.

“The environmentally friendly nature of these products does not end there. As they are highly tank mixable, they can be applied at the same time as other products, offering a reduction in emissions from sprayers, as well as a considerable saving on water use.”

At BTME 2023 – widely regarded as the premier turf management exhibition in Europe – Indigrow will be represented by its teams from all over the world.

“Regardless of where you’re visiting from, a local representative will be available to speak to, ensuring local knowledge of best turf management practice will be available for anyone visiting the exhibition,” said Croose.

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