Indigrow Highlights Benefits of Low Sulphur Fertilisers

Brimpton, Berkshire, England: Indigrow’s Quantum range has been formulated to reduce the slow acidification of soils that can happen with sulphate-based fertilisers.

By careful selection of raw materials and inclusion of calcium and magnesium, grass plants such as perennial ryegrasses that prefer a more neutral pH will thrive.

The measurement of soil pH is a logarithmic scale so going from a pH of seven to six is a tenfold change in acidity, while going from a pH of seven to five is a 100-fold change in acidity.

If a rootzone, particularly a sand-based pitch construction, is continually fed with traditional acidifying fertilisers, the soil pH can rapidly drop to as low as five.

This drop in pH is particularly prevalent in football pitches that are not fully surface renovated every year, as is common practice at some football clubs. At these low pH levels, nitrogen uptake is much more inefficient, so more fertiliser is required, which is wasteful and potentially detrimental to the environment.

“When considering golf courses, tees, surrounds and fairways on parkland courses benefit from the reduction in acidity that has historically occurred from the prevalence of sulphate-based fertilisers,” said Brian Croose, Asean Regional Manager for Indigrow, a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

“Whilst sulphur is an essential plant nutrient, it has over the years been applied because it was a component of fertiliser materials. As a result, the actual amounts deposited were not in balance with what the turf grass required,” he added.

Quantum Paspalum (available in granular and liquid formulations)

Formulated to appeal to geography in predominantly warm season situations, Quantum Paspalum has a high organic matter base which helps to increase soil health.

It offers short to medium term nitrogen release, formulated from three forms of nitrogen including organic, ammoniacal and urea which are broken down at different rates to become plant available, releasing the nitrogen at the correct time to meet the plant’s requirement.

This low salt index fertiliser, particularly useful where sea water is used for irrigation, also has high levels of beneficial magnesium and calcium to assist in the lowering of inherent salt in the rhizosphere.

Quantum Paspalum 5-3-18 (Granular)

Quantum Paspalum is a low nitrogen input fertiliser, specifically formulated for paspalum grasses. It contains high levels of potassium to help improve disease resistance, as well as added magnesium to help improve all round turf health and turf colour. The high calcium level helps to leach soluble salts from the rootzone. Quantum Paspalum contains three nitrogen sources to provide slow, consistent nitrogen release, best suited to warm climate turf grass species.

Quantum Paspalum 5-3-18 (Liquid)

Quantum Paspalum is a liquid low nitrogen input fertiliser, specifically formulated for paspalum grasses. The 5-3-18 analysis offers minimal nitrogen, ideal for paspalum, and high levels of potassium help improve disease resistance. The added seaweed, amino acids and a full trace element package boost overall plant health and offer improved turf performance, particularly in warmer climates.

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