Campey Makes Weed Control Emissions Free with AllTrec Tool Carrier

Macclesfield, England: The 100% electric AllTrec Tool Carrier from Campey Turf Care Systems has made weed control CO2-emissions free.

Weed control is an essential task in the schedule of almost every groundsman, greenkeeper, contractor and landscaper. The AllTrec with Air E-Variator or Weed Brush has made it quicker, easier and emissions-free.

The E-Variator is one of four attachments currently available for the AllTrec Carrier and it has been specifically designed for weed management on large paved and semi-paved surfaces. It works both preventively and repressively, saving up to 70% of its own energy through re-use – better known as the patented advanced air recycling system.

The unique variable airflow function (ADS) enables the machine to work in corners and around obstacles in just one pass, with operators able to fully control the attachment using the digital control screen. LPG tanks used for the E-Variator Weed Burner can be mounted to the back of the AllTrec, with a connection available for the automatic tank heater to prevent them from freezing.

The closed burner system with heat recovery has gas reduction of no less than 60% and an automatic temperature regulation of 380° Centigrade.

Weeds can also be removed using the 70-centimetre Weed Brush, which is electrically powered with three brush speeds and controlled using the on-board joystick. It can be hydraulically adjusted to any angle and used for a full day without any worry of batteries running out.

All batteries come with a three-year warranty and have a lifetime of + – 2500 charge discharge cycles. The 48 VDC battery uses LifePO4 technology with a capacity of 20 kwh or an optional 30 kwh, with on-board charging taking between four and eight hours.

The power produced from the battery means the AllTrec can also be operated using the mower or hedge cutter attachments. The hedge cutting attachment has a 75-centimetre working width with electric motors directly powering the blades which have speeds from 2,000 to 3,000 rpm.

The deck is controlled using a joystick and is easy to manoeuvre for a comfortable and effective day of work. The mowing deck comes in optional cutting widths of 130 centimetres or 180 centimetres with a variable height of cut from 30 to 110 millimetres, making it perfect for use on regularly maintained grass or overgrown vegetation. When cutting with the four-blade 180-centimetre deck, the battery will typically last for six to eight hours and between seven and nine hours using the three-blade 130-centimetre deck.  

A large-action radius and highly efficient attachments combined with low operation and maintenance costs make the AllTrec ideal for use in urban environments, sports complexes, holiday resorts and parks.

Campey Turf Care Systems is a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

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