Foley United’s Neary Grinders Add Cutting Edge to World Cup

Arjen Spek, Foley United’s/Neary European sales representative, during his visit to Moscow.

Moscow, Russia: Three months before the latest festival of football kicked-off, Arjen Spek, Foley United’s/Neary European sales representative, delivered a grinding workshop at a turf professional event in Moscow.
The gathering, organised by the Russian Neary distributor, Unisaw, attracted 130 attendees who were able to get a hands-on experience with the Neary machines while learning the benefits of grinding to OEM specifications.
Spek was delighted with the interest shown and the subsequent installation of 20 Neary Grinders across the World Cup venues in Russia.
He said: “All the groundsmen from the stadiums and training grounds attended, with the main goal to educate/train and the Neary seminar ‘quality of cut and after cut appearance’ was a high topic during this event.
“The already highly qualified groundsmen went home with the correct knowledge of how to maintain a cutting unit according to OEM specification.”
A total of 32 teams are competing in 64 games at the 2018 World Cup with hundreds of training sessions taking place in-between.
Heavy usage of the pitches at the stadia and training centres over the four-week tournament makes a first-class cut imperative and the quick high-quality grind offered by the Foley United brand of machines has resulted in a majority of venues opting for Neary.
Tests carried out by leading manufacturers have established that relief ground cylinders stay on cut up to three times longer than spun ground ones and require less horsepower to drive the unit, resulting in greater fuel efficiency and less stress on the hydraulic power systems.
In addition, a relief ground cylinder will with stand the abrasive effects of top-dressing far better than one spun ground because the relief edge on both the bed-knife and the cylinder allows the top-dressing to clear the cutting blades easily, helping to prevent the dulling effect seen on spun only units.
Continual relief grinding also decreases the squeezing and tearing of the grass as the units get dull and, most importantly, it allows the cylinder to be returned to a factory specification perfect cylinder as quickly as possible.
The overall cleaner cut achieved by relief grinding gives a better after-cut appearance, increased recovery rate due to the clean cut of the grass and reduces the stress on components because less horsepower is needed to drive the cylinder.
Foley United is a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

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